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Communication          Seminars

"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place."      - George Bernard Shaw

Presentations don't have to be scary.  Good preparation will make all the difference.  My Communication Seminars will help you present a professional confident image and make your message clearly understood.  I will help you understand what's most important to your customer.



Topics include: 


  • How to build audience rapport

  • Customer service and retention improvement

  • How to make a customer's day

  • How to handle challenging customer situations

  • Listening skills and effective body language

  • How to develop effective presentations

  • How to build successful teams

  • Stress management and relaxation techniques



Testimonials -


 Stress Reduction seminar for Inova Health System's Edelman Nursing Conference:


  • "Linda connected with me and so I found more value in the presentation."

  • "I look forward to seeing and hearing more from Linda in the future. I had no idea she is so awesome."

  • "Very enjoyable presentation, personal stories of presenter were valuable and will apply methods learned in practice."



Stress Reduction seminar for Inova's Life with Cancer program: 


  • "This was a very positive overview."

  • "I appreciated the 3 modalities (deep breathing, muscle relaxation and sense memory) - well worth the evening."

  • "Deep breathing technique was helpful. The memory/sense technique is something I will try as well."

  • "Stress only hurts, laughter and relaxation will enhance your life."

  • "Ms. Ray is an excellent facilitator and very knowledgeable. She is also a fun person!":



Communication seminars for Inova Fairfax Hospital:


"Being in the healthcare, service & education fields, I have taken many communication classes, some good, some not so good.  One of the highlights of my training has been with Linda’s Service Excellence classes, which were fun, engaging, and useful to my practical work.  Through small group dynamics, Linda efficiently addressed a number of areas I could improve immediately & gave me some great “ah-ha” moments.  Time worthwhile for anyone who wants to improve their communication skills!”  


"As a bedside nurse for 10 years, I thought I had people all figured out when it came to communication and body language, but when I first heard Linda Ray in a communication training class, I knew I had more to learn! She has unique insight to what motivates people and how to discuss everything from the weather to a person's private emotions. She is able to help anyone improve their communication skills about any subject, be it medical or not. I really enjoyed working with her and learning how to communicate and really hear my patients as opposed to speaking at them. Body language is so much of a conversation, and busy professionals often forget or neglect that. It was very fulfilling to me to reconnect to patients and their families just by slightly changing my actions, and it doesn't take any longer to."

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