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Voice Instruction

" O, how wonderful is the human voice! It is indeed the organ of the soul." 

            - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Voice Lessons:


Whether you've been singing for a long time or just discovering your voice, you will learn how to produce your optimum sound and have fun in the process!  You'lI learn to maximize your vocal potential while minimizing vocal tension. I have taught students in many musical styles ranging from classical to hard rock.


You will learn how to use musical scales and phrases, sound exercises and jazz scatting as tools to practice vocal techniques.


I like to use a sense of humor, kindness, encouragement and compassion in my studio so even if you’re feeling very timid to make sound, you will soon feel very comfortable in a safe haven for musical expression.


Through a customized approach, you’ll gain an understanding of which muscles in the body are integral to the foundation and support of the voice. You’ll also learn to recognize muscular habits that inhibit vocal production and how to develop new muscle habits that promote improved voice function.


Dancers really enjoy working with me because I can speak their language and use dance vocabulary often to help those students quickly understand how muscle coordination affects their voice.


Topics include:


  • Proper body posture

  • Correct breath control

  • Effective muscular coordination

  • Resonance strengthening

  • Ideal musical phrasing and interpretation


Voice teacher, vocal coach, voice lessons



"Linda has an incredible talent as a voice teacher – I love the way my voice sounds while working with her!  I am naturally an Alto 1 with significantly more comfort in my lower range.  Linda has been able to help me expand my range, strengthen my belt, develop my head mix, and expand my voice (and comfort zone) into my upper register.  She has helped me understand the physical mechanics of vocalizing and draws on my background as a dancer to help me understand how to engage my entire body.  Not only a phenomenal teacher, Linda is a wonderful person who cares for her students, works to help them achieve their individual goals, and helps each student find their unique voice. I love the way my voice sounds while working with Linda and I am excited to continue developing my voice as I continue studying with her."   -  Katie Mallory


"Linda Ray is more than a vocal coach, she is a performance coach. I studied voice privately with Linda for over a year. Linda was skilled at getting more quality and power out of my voice than I knew I had."   -  Jean Kalata Koppen


"Of all the voice teachers that I've studied with Linda was the most positive and supportive.  She understood how to handle both my legit and belt ranges and most importantly helped me find and grow my head mix.  I am not currently taking voice lessons, but my go-to exercises and warm ups all come from my time with Linda. And she'd be the first person I'd call if I wanted to start lessons again.                        -  Michelle Hessel




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