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Audition Preparation

Once you've gotten the job, there's nothing to it. If you're an actor, you're an actor. Doing it is not the hard part. The hard part is getting to do it.”    -  Morgan Freeman

Getting ready to audition for a play or a musical can be overwhelming. What monologue or song should I choose? What is the casting table looking for? What if I don’t know anything about the play or musical? What role should I try out for?


As a performer, I have been in your shoes and can relate to your concerns. My years of onstage and casting table experience along with proven methods have helped prepare countless students who were cast in high school and community theater productions all over the Washington, DC metro area.


The key to a successful audition is preparation.  In these sessions, I will not only help you to put your best foot forward, I'll provide you with insight from "behind the table" on casting criteria.


Topics include:

  • Selecting an audition song

  • Learning songs for audition and callback

  • Learning ideal musical phrasing and song interpretation

  • Knowing what to say to a piano accompanist and casting table

  • Practicing and getting comfortable with cold readings

  • Learning basic movement and dance steps to prepare for dance segment of musical audition




"Linda Ray is more than a vocal coach, she is a performance coach. I had the pleasure of first learning from Linda when she led the vocal performance portion of The Arlington Players Musical Theater workshop. I then studied voice privately with Linda for over a year. Linda was skilled at getting more quality and power out of my voice than I knew I had. But even more helpful was her direction on how to interpret a song and communicate character and plot through vocal performance." - Jean Kalata Koppen


"I have been going to Linda Ray for voice lessons for years, especially for audition preparation and coaching. With her thorough understanding of the mechanics and artistry involved in singing various styles of music (opera, show tunes, pop, rock, etc.), she has provided me with invaluable tools and exercises to strengthen my voice and expand my range.  She has helped me break bad habits and develop good ones that help me continue to use my instrument and not damage it. She also has served as an expert coach in evaluating my ability to sing a particular role with confidence, prepare an appropriate audition song that shows off my voice and complements the style of the given musical, and meet the specific vocal challenges of the role.  In addition, she is a kind and encouraging mentor who has made it possible for me to have the self-confidence and technique to successfully compete against other auditioning actors who may have more years of training than I do.  As long as I am performing in musical theater, Linda will be my most valuable resource!" - Tom Flatt 


"In addition to teaching the raw mechanics of producing sound, Linda has helped me prepare for numerous successful auditions and call backs as well as prepare for performances.  She helps in song selection, characterization and the story telling throughout the song. I have had various voice teachers and vocal coaches over the years and can undoubtedly say that the results I get working with Linda far exceed other experiences I’ve had. Her extensive background in theatre, musical theatre, classical voice, acting, directing and dance brings a holistic approach to her teaching tailored to each student." - Katie Mallory

"Linda Ray has transformed my theatre life! As an “aging actress” and typical alto I feared that my options for parts would be very limited, but Linda has helped me expand my range to the point that I’m now getting called back for soprano roles – which never happened earlier in my life. She’s taken this belter and taught me how to better support, place, and expand my voice to give me so many more options in singing. I now feel that I can walk in and audition for a much wider variety of roles. She has also been an excellent coach in character singing – helping me to keep my character while finding the right sweet spot in my voice. So hard – but she is so good at getting me there! I highly recommend Linda for any type of vocal work, but especially for musical theatre." - Judy Lewis



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